Sunday, March 26, 2006


Music for Wind Instruments

I really am done now! The Review Index is updated as of the publishing of this. The only gaps left are for works I anticipate buying pretty soon but haven't bought. I am going to gradually incorporate the "unrecorded" section into my Index as well, to encourage people browsing it to make recordings ;-)

Also of note--I have (finally!) gone back and added the reviews for Sonatas and Interludes (and others with it) and a few other 'blank' pages. I'm going backwards in time, finding all the empty spaces, and filling them in.

Anyway, there was another gap I thought I'd filled but didn't so here it is:

Music for Wind Instruments
This is music for some wind instruments, namely a flute, clarinet, basson, oboe and horn. The first movement is a trio that contrasts some melodies from the flute and clarinet with brief grumpy and thrust-like sounds from the bassoon. There is a distinctive call and response pattern between the duo and the bassoon. The oboe and horn go at it alone in the second movement. Actually, they seem mostly to cooperate on some cold modern melodies. The final movement has them all come in! It seems pretty much all staccato, and with very suddent breakouts of each instruments. It's a return to the frantic feel of the first movement. Overall, it's pretty enjoyable for an obscure and fairly slight Cage work.

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