Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Song Books

I have often wondered why certain of Cage's Solos for Voice have been recorded while others have not. To answer that question I've authored a web page describing all of the Solos, based on the published score. I believe there are books and a thesis on the subject, but I don't think there are any other details about the piece on the web. Enjoy:

Guide to Cage's Song Books

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


By Request!

Someone in comments recently requested the cummings poem that Cage set in Forever and Sunsmell.  Here it is.  Words actually present in the music are bold; those not bold were omitted by Cage.

      wherelings whenlings
      (daughters of ifbut offspring of hopefear
      sons of unless and children of almost)
      never shall guess the dimension of
      him whose
      foot likes the
      here of this earth
      whose both
      this now of the sky
      --endlings of isn’t
      shall never
      to begin to
      imagine how (only are shall be were
      dawn dark rain snow rain
      -bow &
      ‘s whis-
      in sunset
      or thrushes toward dusk among whippoorwills or
      tree field rock hollyhock forest brook chickadee
      mountain.  Mountain)
      whycoloured worlds of because do
      not stand against yes which is built by
      forever & sunsmell
      (sometimes a wonder
      of wild roses
      with north
      the barn

The song also repeats several sections, particularly “foot likes the here of this earth.”

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