Saturday, December 17, 2005



Today, I’m afraid I’m not feeling so hot.  Mostly a cold and some headaches.  Damn that excessive snow!  I should be leaving back for Alabama sometime around Tuesday I guess.  I will bring my computer with me, which will make posting and listening far easier since I won’t be competing with three brothers for access.  

It just drives me batty when I am told a record is “out of stock.”  How about I just send you a CDR with my payment and you burn the tracks for me?  Maybe with an extra buck for the effort involved?   “Out of stock” is so 1990.

That brings to mind another memory: I recall being told by a Peters representative that to get my A Dip in the Lake score, they needed to “ink up the presses” for which they charged me an extra fee, and the whole process took like two months or longer.  It’s another case where I was not bold enough to say, “Hey, when you get done printing, can you just send me a PDF since it’s all text anyway and I don’t want to waste time and money on shipping?”  That was an even sadder case, because the score turned out to be basically useless; I already knew everything it said about producing a performance from the website. :-(

Enough ranting for tonight!  Onwards to Fifty-Eight!

This was written specifically to be performed in a courtyard in Graz, Austria.  It features, as one might expect, various flexible time brackets.  

I've had some experiences with Peters, too. Sometimes they even seem to handle New Music scores very sloppy; selling very bad facsimiles and sorts.

Makes one think their "press" department consists of an old xerox machine in the corner, which wasn't operated with for a long time, and with nobody around knowing HOW to operate it. So they take 2 months to find someone who does.

Anyway, Fifty-Eight is a fantastic piece. Wonderful colours from wind instruments. Try doing something like this with a synthesizer...
i made an order with peters in 1999 that took a really long time.

but they happened to have an extra copy of cardew's scratch music book laying around, so they sold it to me for a very reasonable price. that was exciting.

maybe i should start scanning in the cage scores i have and making pdfs of them. DIY style.....
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